It’s Almost Time…Baby Placer Lady

I just took a call from the woman who places babies at my agency. She was one of the facilitators in my certification classes, and I always really liked her.  She’s been doing this for a long time, and she is honest and fair and loving.

Tonight, she wanted to see how I’m doing after my first baby has come and gone.  She asked me about my time with Little Dude and about how it was to do all of the paperwork that goes along with being a foster parent.  She asked me how I am adjusting to being back in the “real world” and back to teaching.

She listened to me as I reported to her the two missed medical appointments I have received notices about and asked me to send the information to her so she can follow up with the county social worker about it.  At least the CSW will have one more person in her ear about it.  Medical appointments are important for babies who were born prematurely.  It makes me wonder how Little Dude is doing, if he is getting his needs met, if he is thriving in a household with four children under the age of 8.

I told the baby placer lady that I would be ready to take another baby in the next few weeks and that I’d call her and let her know when exactly that would be.  When I hung up with her, I realized that it has been exactly four weeks to the day that I took Little Dude to the DSFS office so that I could hand him over to the family members who are now caring for him.

I feel sad.  I do miss Little Dude.  I do wish the family would email or text me a picture so I can see how much he’s grown in the past month.  I do wonder how he’s doing.  I take that to God and pray because maybe it’s better for me not to know, and whether it is or not, I have no control over whether or not I hear from them.

I feel sad that the baby placer lady is calling me exactly a month to the day that I gave Little Dude to his family.  That means there are babies she’s trying to place.  I can’t wait until the day a few weeks from now when I can call her and tell her I’m ready again.  I can’t wait to see whom God has in store for me.  I know that s/he will change my life in whatever amount of time I get to have with him/her.


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