Why am I doing this?  That’s a question a lot of people have about this journey I’m on. 

My answer has been this: The Holy Spirit has prompted me to foster, and God has opened the doors that have made it so incredibly clear that it is His will.  There are so many babies in need of foster parents, and I have a huge capacity to love and nurture little babies.  Plus, I just love it. 

The deeper piece of the “why” is that I have always felt like a mom.  I feel like the role of mom is my home; it is where I’m meant to be.  It feels safe, like it’s exactly where I belong.  And right now, I am a mom without a baby.  


One thought on “Insight

  1. Tammy Jacobson

    Sending you extra hugs and prayers to help fill the little empty spot until a new little precious one is place with you. 🙂


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