Laughing at Myself…A Story of Sleep Deprivation

My friends have been telling me that how I’m feeling and acting is “normal” and consistent with any new mom they’ve ever talked to.  I appreciate the reassurance because sometimes I feel crazy.  I may not have all of the hormones of a mom who physically gave birth, but I still have everything else a new mom would have, sleep deprivation being one of those things.

Last night Little Dude slept a lot better than he did the two nights before that.  His startle reflex has made it nearly impossible for me to get him to go down in his crib.  This is not a problem during the day because I hold him all day long as he sleeps.  I was just given some great swaddle blankets, so last night was the first night of swaddling.  What a difference!  He doesn’t startle himself when he’s swaddled!  This meant that last night, he slept for almost four hours at a time!

The first time he woke me up to feed him, I was still very groggy from such a long period of glorious sleep.  When I got up to get him, somehow, I picked up a stuffed animal that was laying next to my bed, convinced that it was Little Dude.  I went about preparing for his feeding, and it took me about a full two minutes to realize that what I was holding was, indeed, a stuffed animal and not Little Dude, who was still safely in his crib.  I laughed so hard.  Typical new mom moment.


2 thoughts on “Laughing at Myself…A Story of Sleep Deprivation

  1. Lindsey

    LOL! Love it! My best friend adopted a baby girl last year, so she didn’t have the hormones either, but the sleep deprivation and emotional changes still make a huge impact on the feeling of crazy. I’m always amazed at how not-myself I feel for the first few months with a newborn. But you’ll make it through, promise. 🙂 And glad you worked out the swaddle thing. Hooray for 4 hours of sleep!


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